On your mark, get set, GO!!

Kenya, HERE I COME!! Right now it is about 10:00 p.m. and my flight leaves in just a few short
hours. :) I wanted to let everyone know that I may not have internet until Thursday or Friday
so be patient with the blogging! I am going to try and update as much as I can, so bear with me!

As I spend these last few hours getting ready to leave, I couldn't help but be reminded of my
theme verse. Romans 10:14-15 says, "How, then can they call on the one they have not believed
in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear
without someone preaching to them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is
written, 'How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!'" The one question everyone
seems to ask me is why I want to go overseas so bad. Well, this verse says it all. I want to share
the Gospel overseas because these people might never have a chance to hear otherwise. I want
to be used by God more than anything. I feel that the best way for me to be used by Him and
give Him glory is to do what I am good at, which is loving on other people. My prayer for this
trip is that God would let me be His vessel in sharing His Word.

As we go on this adventure together, I hope that we will see the urgency in spreading the Gospel.
I pray we would get back to the roots of our faith, and that we would see Christianity as God
designed it. Lets go into all the nations!

Thank you all so very much for the prayers and support you have given me. This trip would not
have been possible without you! I love you all!


Keisha  – (May 31, 2010 at 9:33 AM)  

We can't say ENOUGH just how proud we are of you!!!! Matt & I had a little cry this morning as we were thinking of you.. traveling by yourself! Just Miss Independent! But, we know GOD is with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!!! He birthed this journey in your heart and He will see you through to the end sweetpea!!!
We are so excited to be sharing this journey with you & will hang on every post! BE SAFE! And.. be on guard! Not everyone is as sweet & honest as you are. ...
"Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves." Matthew 10:16

Don  – (May 31, 2010 at 9:43 AM)  

As your mother and I left you to go through security I could only think what an awesome God we serve. We are so proud of your faith. We love you with all we have within us. My prayer is that many will come to know God through the seeds you will planting on this journey.
Love Daddy.

my5cubs  – (May 31, 2010 at 7:40 PM)  

Oh Coco, what an awesome God we serve - already we've seen Him answer prayers. We had a great day Sunday, the ride up wasn't too bad & we enjoyed our stops didn't we? Then, we got to our hotel, checked in and boy, did you sleep lol! Even Daddy & I got a lil sleep & then gave us some alone time together down in the lobby to get your b/day cards ready & hidden - have you found them yet? Well you still can't open til June 5! Then, who but God could put mascara in a Target, who doesn't even sell it anymore? See, told you mama was looking for God in any and everything. What a great time we had with Brittany Shirley & ToniChestnut - great sendoff & pic with 2 of your college buds & great food - daddy will always feed us well, won't he? Then, all the giggles we had while Daddy was snoring away & "Tonio's friend" banging on door lol - daddy & I lol about that several times yesterday

Then we had PLENTY of time in airport weighing, takin out, weighing, putting in, weighing again & again getting those bags just right! And,they were - even got a comment from ticket agent about how good you were! It was tough to let you go, tried to let you go w/o a break-down scene & got several pics of you that you didn't know about being so grownup & going thru security all by yourself - told daddy you didn't even look back that last time! We stayed til you went down the escalators & couldn't see you anymore - daddy wanted me to immediately call you! Told him "let's don't daddy", she's ready, let her get to her gate & she'll call us when she's ready" - then of course you did. Then, we went back to IHOP & had a lil cry talking about everything, but we're okay.

Then went ahead & checked out & began our way home. Daddy almost couldn't stand it cause he hadn't heard your voice, so I know he called you & text once just wanting to hear your voice. We were both sooo excited about your new friends, knew you'd prolly know half the people on the plane before you landed! Made us both feel better that you made friends & traveling buddies.

It's 10:31pm here & if I've figured correctly, think you'll land in Kenya about 5am our time - will be praying & praying and also be up early, remember that everyday & don't hesitate to call if you need us before you get your internet set up. Hope you got some good sleep on your long plane ride & that you got a chance to read your 'plane' cards.

I'm sitting here listening to your blog music, 'go where you send me'. You be our God's hands & feet and spread His gospel girl. This time w/o being able to communicate with you is gonna be one of the hardest for me, but know I'm praying & with you always in spirit. Greater things are gonna be done in Kenya! LU4ever2m&b

my5cubs  – (June 1, 2010 at 4:41 PM)  

Hey darling Coco, just sitting here again listening to your blog music and thinking of you. Graciefacie has gone to play ultimate frisbee and I'm sure she's playing hard for the both of you!

Was so thankful to hear this am that you arrived safely. Billy called and told me Pastor Wambua had written on Facebook - I was on my way to Dublin to check on Annie, she came thru the surgery very well & was chomping at the bit already this afternoon to come home, but I hope she has to at least stay 1 night. They have to be careful to get her calcium level regulated and then she'll have to go to another doctor to begin taking medication. She wanted to know if you liked your CCPC and cheese straws - I told her no, you didn't! j/k 8)

I miss you so much already, can't believe you have been on my mind constantly - that's what God wants - me to pray w/o ceasing - so that's what I'm gonna do & as soon as it gets dark here (7:37pm now) I'm going outside and look at that big old beautiful moon & smile thinking of my little blonde (still blonde on the inside) indianajoneswitnessingcokie - LU4ever2m&b

jacob –   – (June 1, 2010 at 8:10 PM)  

So I'm just sitting here at the computer, on facebook talking to sam, she said she can't wait to meet you btw, and i remembered that you left me here in georgia...i guess you forgot to pack me along with your clothes and whatnot. I coulda lived off that MASSIVE amount of candy for atleast the flight over there and maybe halfway back to the states lol Anyway, i tried to call you Saturday afternoon and Sunday after i got out of church so i could talk to my traveling cousin! But my traveling cousin didnt answer :( I was sad, but i overcame that sadness with a cherrycoke and reese cup! haha I miss you like crazy! You better come back and dont try to be slick and stay over there longer than you are supposed to! Watch out for the ligers over there (liger-lion/tiger) lol I love you and I miss you soooooooo much!!

my5cubs  – (June 2, 2010 at 1:37 AM)  

Good Morning Coco, My eyes are refusing to truly open well this am, I think I'm feeling sympathy jet-lag symptons for you! Just had to get up and look at moon and I just talked to Trent briefly, he's in Japan, but could be flying somewhere else anytime. He was glad to know you arrived safely.

Still haven't gotten web cam yet, but I will hopefully today. Will be glad to hear from you even if it's just on facebook - miss you terribly, but so excited for you and this journey and for all I know God is going to accomplish in this ministry. Anxious also to know if all ministry bags & your big old suitcase made it safely and what all you have found in them! I prayed that all gifts made it safely - pray you are finding time to journal in your beautiful new/but old looking IndianaJonesItraveleverywhereformyGodCokie! LU4everdarling2m&b

Psalm 1:3 He is like a tree planted by streams of water, that bears it's fruits in season, and whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers.

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