I AM IN KENYA!! Woohoo!

The flight here wasn't terrible. Long... but not terrible. While at the airport
in Atlanta I was able to meet 4 college students all going to different parts
of Africa to do missions. We all ended up having the same flight, so really
I wasn't alone at all! One of the girls even went all the way to Kenya so we
helped each other at the airport :) I think God knew that I needed friends.
Ya know I did get my mom's mouth so me and not talking don't go well
together. haha. (mama, you are laughing right now reading this-I just know it!)

My bags did make it to Kenya, but were SO DIRTY! Miss Kim, one of your
duffel bags ended up with a hole in it as well. SORRY! I will pay for it!

After getting my bags, the excitement started to really role in! I knew that after
I exited the doors, I would be in a place that I love. A place full of adventure! I
was so happy to see Mama Joe (Jane, Pastor Wambua's wife), Philip
(Wambua's brother), and Joab (my bestest Kenyan friend who came to
surprise me!!). Joab also brought me flowers!!! 15 orange roses :)

After we got my bags loaded in the car, we made our way to Wambua's
house in Lucky Summer. I guess I had forgotten how crazy Kenyans drive!
I thought we were going to die!!!!! ha. Philip laughed at me. He said,
"Klowie no like my driving?" He says my name funny. I tried to spell it the
way he pronounces it!

So, things to note on my first day in Kenya. Well, really only half of a day.
1. It's not smart to go without sleep for two days before making it to Kenya.
2. Fifteen orange roses make things A LOT better (you should all take
note to that! hahaha)
3. Make sure to eat two plate fulls of food or Kenyans get angry!
4. Getting called a muzungu (white person) is really starting to go to
my head! I like feeling like a celebrity!
5. stop for hot coffee or tea at least 4 to 5 times a day or you will be sorry.
6. bathing out of a bucket is really not as bad as it sounds. I kind of liked it :)
7. squatty potty's.... gotta love em'!
8. make sure you plug the right adapter into the wall then plug in the
blow dryer. A small burst of
fire and a whole Kenyan home losing power because of you is no fun!
9. I love my mosquito net that hangs from the ceiling over my bed! It kind
of makes me feel safe
and secure!

Well, this is my first day all summed up! You can just imagine the details!
I'm WAYYY too tired to write them all in.

Today started very early. Although I took a day of rest, rest was not really on
my priority list. I WANTED TO EXPLORE, and explore is what I did. I
needed to go into the city to exchange some money so Joab and I traveled
Kenyan style! We walked about 20 minutes to a place where the matatu's
(vans used for public transportation) pick you up. We then got in a matatu
and rode 15 minutes to the city. Boy, that ride was CRAZY!! Kenyan drivers....
boy oh boy. It is definitely going to take me a little while to get used to them!
When we got into the city we had to walk another 20 minutes to catch a bus
to the other side of town. We rode the bus for 15 minutes and then walked
another 15 minutes to get to our destination. A lot of walking, but I loved it!
Joab took me to exchange some money and then he took me to where he
interns. It is a place called TMA (Transforming ministries Africa- I think that is
what it stands for). I LOVED IT THERE! It is a Christian organization
whose goal is to love on Kenyans and share the Gospel with them. They
want to share the Word with Kenya so that Kenyans will share with the rest
of Africa. Joab says I will be working with them some while I am here. One
thing Sandy and Lee (the Americans who run TMA) told me helped them when
moving to Kenya is that their culture is not wrong, it is just different.

After a very long day of visiting and seeing the city, we finally made our
journey back to Lucky Summer, and then to Baptist Chapel for a service.
It was wonderful!

Funny story: On the way back to Lucky Summer there was a motorcycle
and a chicken (kuku) coming straight at me. Well, Joab is trying to make me
Kenyan so he told me not to be scared because neither would hit me. I basically
played chicken with a real chicken. Needless to say, the chicken got very excited
because of the passing motorcycle. Instead of running across the road, it ran/flew
at me and hit me in my face!!!! I wanted to tell that thing...."Chicken, do you
know that I will eat you!!" Joab and all the rest of the Kenyans around me
died laughing. I was so embarrassed!

I am loving Kenya so far! It is a whole new/different/exciting trip from last
summer. I am definitely seeing a whole new side of the Kenyan culture. I
asked Joab to make me as Kenyan as possible in the next two months! I
want to see life like they do. They are so loving and truly have a servant heart.
Mom and Dad.... I may decide to stay in Kenya :) :) I know you will be okay
with that! hahaha.

I love you all and I am so thankful for all the encouragement! You people who
hid all the cards in my bags- you are very very sneaky! I appreciate each one!
I wish I could go into more detail now but Mama Joe says I need to go to bed!
hahaha. It will be a busy day tomorrow. I will start teaching at the youth centre
which means I will be getting up at 6 a.m. and walking 30 minutes to get to the
school! Thank you so much for the prayers! Pray that every part of me would
display Christ. I want His light to shine from my life!

Rhianna –   – (June 2, 2010 at 2:10 PM)  

puff, i love you and i miss you already. oh how i wish someone could have videoed the chicked incident! i thought i was going to die laughing just from reading it. praying for you girlie.

my5cubs  – (June 2, 2010 at 2:24 PM)  

Ohhhhhhh Oh Africa - sorry got that song stuck in my head, thank you Graciefacie & Coco - Oh Chloe, so good to chat with you for a little while this afternoon & glad you were able to update your blog! Sounds like you're having a superdooperdoodooscooper of a time.

And yes, I ROTFLOL about the mama/mouth comment -yes sometimes, the truth hurts, but knew you'd make friends & also told daddy you'd prolly NOT sleep. Now, Mama loves to talk, but I've also come to realize that I need my sleep - that's why God invented 'talking in your sleep'. So master that trick & you'll be able to do both.

We miss you terribly, but know you are where God wants you. You listen to HIM, and HE will ALWAYS lead you where HE wants you. Pray daily for HIS guidance and yes, Daddy & I will be ok with that if you don't come back to us. You realize your true purpose here on earth & we want always for you to do God's Will & Work.

Gotta go now darling, will write more later. Waiting on Mr. Billy to bring Jordan (our guest for tonight) to shower before The Pump. Say prayers for us tonight, gonna find out if he's a Christian.


yo  – (June 2, 2010 at 2:50 PM)  

haha you stay in kenya and i'll be very impressed :). Hope your internship is as wonderful as mine is right now! Send my love to my country

Don  – (June 2, 2010 at 3:35 PM)  

Once I was able to stop for the day I turned on your blog hoping your computer was up and running. Got a real charge out of reading all that has happened so far. Get some rest when you can. I will write more later when my mind is fresh (been another tough day at Plant Scherer will be so glad when that job is finished). I love you and miss you, I am with you in spirit.
Love Always Dad

DeeDee –   – (June 2, 2010 at 6:21 PM)  

I promised myself that I wasn't going to do it, but I couldn't help it so I am writing on your blog crying... Told ya I probably would... So imagine me looking a hot mess and get yourself a good laugh :)

I am so unbelievably proud of you and how God is working in your life. I know that with you over there that Good things are going to happen in Kenya.. I can feel it!

We are praying for you constantly and miss you terribly, but you are right where you need to be baby girl! I can't wait to tell Graham about the Chicken incident- He is gonna love it but not nearly as much as the milkshake story.. Will he ever let that go? LOL :D

We Love you and look forward to many more blogs!
DD,Graham & Mackenzie

Anonymous –   – (June 2, 2010 at 7:26 PM)  

Chloe, Chloe, Chloe,

you make me laugh ... out loud. i can just see you and the chicken playing chicken. you and joab walking through nbo and you being the center of attention just because you are you! :o) forgot the not blonde hair. haha

the cards ... haha yeah that was a trick, according to your mom. to think you were going to refuse that and you didn't even know what it was. :o) you are loved that's for sure.

hugs to all the kiddos. no catching baby goats. you'll distract the kids in class at the youth center. please tell principal moses i said hello and the teachers too.

take care.


Anonymous –   – (June 3, 2010 at 5:41 AM)  

Dearest CoCo!!!

WOW what an awesome first day in Kenya. Duston and I loved getting to read about all of your adventures so far and yes the chicken story is something that I will always remember almost tops the "Beam Me Up Story" concerning me LOL.

We are so proud of you and look foward to reading your blogs whenever you can post them. I have been teaching Brody all about Kenya and what you will be doing over there during our school lessons. He loves getting to point on his globe this is where we are and waaaaayyy over there is my Aunt CoCo. He has asked constantly about your plane trip and that you got to ride on 4 planes you are a very lucky he says he only got to ride on 2 LOL.

Tomorrow we are going to let Brody take his bath by washing out of a bucket so he can see what his Aunt CoCo has to do I am sure he will love it and want to do this all the time.

I miss you so much and wish we all could be over there with you doing missions maybe one day all of us can!!! Love you so much and we are praying for you all of the time. You have become such a Woman after God's Own Heart and you inspire me each and everyday in my own personal walk with the Lord.

Love you so much


Girl On The Move  – (June 3, 2010 at 9:32 AM)  

Chloe! I loved that blog post, I didn't know that you were going to Kenya until you were already there! Guess that's what living across the US does to a person, eh? I'll be praying for you and definitely keeping up with your blog. You are blessed with a wonderful gift of a servant's heart and I know this trip will be blessed.

Miss and Love you! -Kayla Campbell

Anonymous –   – (June 3, 2010 at 2:36 PM)  

Ah, my Fabulous Glowing Chloe . . . sounds like the adventure HAS begun! I, like everyone else, laughed out loud about the "chicken" incident . . and I remember our awesome Kenyan driver, James, and how well he maneuvered while all of us just hung on for dear life! Seems like I also remember how a certain person, who will remain nameless (HA), "cursed" our vehicle and we stopped right smack dab in the middle of a busy intersection! Yes, walking is good . . :-)

How I can see through your eyes the sights and sounds of a beloved country . . . I wish I was there with you, loving on those amazing people surrounding you . . . You continue to follow the path that GOD has you on, young lady, and greater things are yet to come!

With Much Love and Continued Prayers,

Ms. Julia

my5cubs  – (June 3, 2010 at 5:20 PM)  

Hey Coco, just missing you terribly, but looking forward eagerly everyday to checking your blog and hearing from you again.

I know you are doing this, but since I'm the mama - just a reminder: Be gracious & courteous to your Kenyan family, listen to Mama Joe & mind her, say please & thank you, clean up after yourself & offer to help wash dishes, play with kids & hug them all very often. Ok, enough mama-ing from me tonight.

I have prayed today for your special requests & have a special request of my own - pray for daddy & his upcoming World Changers Trip - leaves Monday, June 7th - he needs this trip and time away from his job, you know it's been stressful for him, so pray that he gets away for this week & that he won't be worrying about his jobsites.

Just wanted to write you a brief note and send my love. I've asked every African person I know to hug you for me, so when Pastor Wambua gets there, expect a big bear hug from him - also Emma has her instructions!

I'm so excited for your glorious adventure and I pray you catch many fish every single day - also praying you are catching up on missed sleep (8:14EST), so I'm praying that you are a real sleeping beauty right now. Can't wait to talk to you soon - LU4ever2m&b

The Bestest Cousin of All Time –   – (June 3, 2010 at 10:31 PM)  

Hey Chloe! Its amazing that farm animals all around the world seem to get along really, really well with you huh? That was pretty funny. Just watch out for turkeys haha! Im glad you made it to Africa safely and that you made some friends one the plane :)) Have fun while you're over there and when you're eating Mary's little lamb think of Grandaddy's poem! Love you!!

Anonymous –   – (June 4, 2010 at 8:38 AM)  

So glad you are doing the blog for us to keep up with you. Definitely sounds like you are having a great time in Kenya! I'm just a liiiiitle jealous lol. Continue to let Christ shine through you and know the we all love and miss you Coco!


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