Mimi si Muzungu! Mimi ni Mkenya!!!

If you stay in Kenya for too long.... they may try and make you Kenyan!
It's a good thing I am perfectly okay with that! :)

The last week has been full of busyness and excitement! In one of Miss
Kim's notes she left me she gave me some words of wisdom. "Don't deny
your quiet times and don't deny your rest. You will be of no help if you
aren't spiritually on top and plenty rested." Well in order for to obey
that advice, I had to give up something. I decided to give up the blog!
Blogging takes awhile, and well it was causing a lot of tiredness!!

At the start of the week, Sunday, I did wear my
new Kenyan dress! :) Everyone told me I looked so
"smart," which is their way of saying pretty. They also
assured me that I am becoming more Kenyan each
day! Pastor even gave me a new name. Because
his family is from the Camba tribe, he game the
Camba name, Chloe Mwende. Mwende means
someone who is loved! :) :) I now introduce
myself as Chloe Mwende. :)

On Monday, the kids at
the centre had a holiday which
meant that I also got a holiday!
My job for that day was to take
Melissa's cousin, Stacy, to the
barber shop to get all her hair
shaved off! I did not want her to
shave her head, but Pastor insisted!
He said that he doesn't like seeing
her cry when she has to get her hair
braided, so he said shave it off!
When we got to the barber shop,
Stacy started to get a little scared.
She said, "Chloe, can we just go
home and wait until my daddy can go
with me?" I felt bad but I made her get
it shaved right then. I knew that if we
went home and Pastor saw that her
head wasn't shaved, then it would be
me that got in trouble! ;) After she got it
done, she ended up liking it!

Tuesday and Wednesday I taught at the centre all day!
I taught Math, English, Science, and CRE to 6 classes!
Tiring.....yet so rewarding! Many Muslim students attend
the centre. It's been so neat ministering to them, and
seeing God change their hearts.One of the girls told me that
God was going to punish me because I have put too many
holes in my ears. As much as I wanted to laugh, I was able to
refrain myself. Instead, I just love on each child and try to show
God's love. Many of the older girls have come to me and have
really opened up in sharing their lives. We have shared many
laughs and even more tears. God, may you continue to show
yourself to these girls. Please pray that God would continure to
use me to share His grace with these girls!

On Thursday, Pastor, Mama Joe, Mama Grace, and me headed to their rural home in
Mwingi. It is SOOOO NICE! It's crazy to me that Pastor Wambua came from absolutely
nothing but because of his faithfulness to God, God has chosen to richly bless him! I
told him and his brothers to write a book! I enjoy hearing all of their stories! I admire
Pastor more each day. His entire life is a ministry, which is what I desire for my own
life. This first picture was his house when he was youger. The second picture is his
new house!

Pastor and I went for a walk around his land. He had the best view!! On his land he has a small
shamba where he grows beans and maize. We piced some maize, roasted it, and then ate it!
It was SOO YUMMMYYY! Mom, lets roast corn when I get home. K?
Funny story from Thursday:
So I wne to use the squatty potty. Oh squatty potty's....... Anyways, I was a little nervous
going out there because Pastor's house is in the bush and it was night time, but I grabbed my
flashlight and headed to the potty. I made it out there, closed the door, and used the potty.
Well, when I got finished I turned around to open the door, but the door would not open!
It was completely stuck!! I pushed on it, kicked it, and even tried to run into it. Nothing
would open that door. I began to cry because I was starting to get scared. All I could think
about was me being stuck in a squatty potty in the middle of the African bush at night time
and no one being able to hear me. Finally about ten minutes passed and Mama Grace found me.
She started laughing. I did not find it funny at first, but now that I think about it, I guess
it is pretty funny. How often do you get stuck in a squatty potty in the middle of nowhere?
hahahaha. :)

Friday after breakfast Mama Joe and Mama Grace headed outside to put somechemical
on the beans and maize from last year's crop. Before they could put the
chemical on the beans, they had to throw the beans in the air and let the wind carry
away the chaff! They even let me help! It was soooo neat. I couldn't believe the way
they use the simple things like the wind to do the job. After finishing putting the
chemical on the maize we had to carry it back into the house. At first, Mama Joe
wouldn't let me help because they bags were so heavy, but I finally talked her into
letting me help. :) By the way, the food that Pastor and his brother's grow is not
sold for money. They have chosen to give it away to people who need it instead!
Like I said, his whole life is a ministry.......

Who new that donkeys could be used for something?!?!?! haha. In Mwingi, everywhere
you turn you will see many donkeys with water
jugs on their backs. It is so dry there; therefore, there is no water. People have to travel
for miles and miles to find water. Some people even dig
15 feet or more in the dry
river beds to find water! We definitely take it for granted the fact that we can just turn our faucets on and have plenty
of clean water.

We came home from Mwingi today around 4! I was able to get a long massage from the
drive. It was so BUMPY!
So, that is about all that has been going on over here! I can't believe a month has
already passed. :( It feels like I just got here. :( :( :( :( If one more kid asks me to
stay, then well, I may just have to stay. Mama Joe told me today that I was not
leaving! Mom, looks like you have some competition! haha. I love you all! I
hope you have had a great week!
Happy Birthday to Mama and Bubba!!! :) :) :) Eat plenty of birthday cake for me!

Anonymous –   – (July 3, 2010 at 1:08 PM)  

Chloe, I think it is hilarious, I'm still laughing, that you were stuck in the squatty potty. To think you did it to yourself and it wasn't a prank done by Daryl, Luke, or Michael. Too bad we didn't think about it last year when we were there. Just think, last year this time we were all headed to Kenya.

Oh, the things you are getting to experience!!

Praying for you!


my5cubs  – (July 3, 2010 at 5:05 PM)  

Oh Coco, this was a great blog and beautiful pictures, you look even more beautiful - so glad you got to rest in the bush & also able to keep us informed of your adventures & ministries. I am so thankful to God that you are fulfilling your true purpose for your life & I pray that we all will strive toward that same purpose.

Even though we've talked several times by phone, it's just not the same. It's almost harder for me cause I want to hear your voice & am also trying not to talk too much or too long - which is like impossible for me right? I hope you have been writing even more in your journal - know you've had a lot of college homework to do for your internship, but I hope you get to put as many of your thoughts & prayers down as you are experiencing them.

I laughed so hard about the squattypotty story, but gave me chills too - thinking about you out there in the bush at night! I can only relate to GF playing pranks & turning off the light on me, which is way scary, but not nearly as scary as being in an outhouse at night in Africa - hope your flashlight didn't go out. You're gonna be so hardcore when you get home, none of the rest of us will be worthy to kiss your feet! You've got to be here for the Amazing Race adventure Daryl is planning, GF & I are already training & you know how strong Daddy is - we're gonna beat up on the other families!

Thanks for birthday wishes - Daddy outdid himself today on the grill, won't share details -but you can imagine. We're going to Mammaw & Granddaddy's tomorrow after church to eat fish and then a picnic at Camp Stillwater with the church. Next year for my birthday, I'm gonna pray that we can be together - will just follow you to whatever country you're in - Gotta look at the moon tonight, it shines so perfectly in our bedroom window - used to wake up in the night and wish that moon wasn't so bright shining in there & waking me up - now I just think of you! LU4ever2m&b

Anonymous –   – (July 3, 2010 at 8:23 PM)  

This was hilarious! I'm with Kim...to think that you did it all to yourself..hehehe. So..How did you finally get the door open? :)I was just picturing you kicking ans squealing and tugging. haha! Anyways..I love your pictures, and continue to pray for you. It's so awesome to hear what God is doing with those girls. I know that many lives will be changed. We miss you and love you back home!


Anonymous –   – (July 5, 2010 at 4:48 AM)  

I join in with Kim and Becky in the laughter over the "squatty-potty" adventure . . . Girl, what wondrous times you are having! And, yes, everyday right now I'm remembering where WE were this time last year . . . I do miss it so. BUT, I'm VERY glad that YOU are there, doing the Lord's work. Carry on, sweetie!

The chaff . . . funny, this brings to mind Psalm 1:3-4, "He (we) will be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in its season and its leaf does not wither; and in whatever he does, he prospers. The wicked are not so, but they are like chaff which the wind drives away." I have NO doubt that God is firmly planting you by those streams of water, growing you. And the chaff . . . doubts, people who discourage, etc., God's wind will separate those out of your life . . .

Love Ya,

Ms. Julia

Billy White  – (July 5, 2010 at 12:40 PM)  

Only you, my blonde-headed brunette!!!!! So glad that I am finally getting a chance to write to you. We have been really super busy around our house. Not a day(or even many hours) passes without constant reminders to lift you up in prayer. It sounds like God is just showering you with blessings. Praying for strength from Him to help you on the last half of your journey. We sure do miss you but so proud of you for submitting yourself to a lifestyle of service to the building up of the Kingdom of God. Strive forward but I'll also remind you to not neglect some rest so that you may be an effective tool that is ready for use. Russ just walked by and wanted me to tell you that he said HEY! The pictures that you are posting are awesome. Keep Daryl and the crew in your prayers this week. They left for Student Life Camp this morning. Hope this week that you will be blessed and also that you will be a blessing to others. Much love from us!!!!!!!

Anonymous –   – (July 6, 2010 at 6:23 AM)  

I hope you learn how to use the squatty potty! :) Sounds like you are having tons of fun. We miss you and are praying for you.
- Charis S.

Don  – (July 6, 2010 at 6:46 AM)  

Thanks for the post my darling. You are truly amazing. The potty was very funny but I know it was frightning at the same time. God is really working in your life as well as all the ones you are coming in contact with you are truly blessed. Have a great week. I am looking forward to July 26. All my love to you, pastor and his family. Daddy

Anonymous –   – (July 8, 2010 at 2:54 AM)  

Little CoCo - Your stories are so "entertaining". God just keeps on giving doesn't HE? How can we ever imagine being without Him? I look at what Pastor came from & what he has now & wonder how anyone cannot believe there is a God. Know you want to stay over & help everyone especially those precious children but you must come back to us so we can see your smiling beautiful face & finish your schooling here first. FIRST THINGS FIRST....then on to your journey in life. I can't wait until next yr when your mom joins you in your journey.....imagine what she'll do...probably will outdo you getting stuck in squatty potty I'm sure!!!! Luv the name squatty potty. Think I'll start calling it that to Graye. He's doin so well with potty training. Becoming a big boy! God Bless you & all the Kenyans. Keep pedaling on with God's love!
Blessings - Ms Annie

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