My Kenyan Birthday....and life for the past couple of days

Let me just apologize for not posting the last few days! Not only have things been crazy busy

here, but when I wanted to write a blog either the internet wouldn't work or the power was out;
therefore, I could not post! So I am sorry! This next blog may be a little long, but I want to update
you all on the past few days. it goes!!! Let's start with my birthday!

I could not have asked for a better 19th birthday!! I don't think there could be anything better
than getting to celebrate my birthday in a place I absolutely love. I missed you all, but thank
you so much for understanding why I need to be here! Also, thank you for all the many birthday
cards :):):) They were sooooo sweet!
So my day started out very early. Joab came to get me around 7:30 a.m. to go to the city. We
decided to volunteer at New Life Christian Home (the orphanage we went to last year) and
volunteer for half of the day. It was so much fun! This orphanage takes in abandoned babies
that have HIV/AIDS. Seeing the sad faces of the kids when they come in and then the happy
faces they have after a few months is amazing! Mama and Daddy, I found a baby girl I would
like to adopt! She is 6 months and her name is Hope. I told her that I could be her mommy :)
Can I have her for my birthday? Please! haha. I know that one day I will have the chance to
adopt a beautiful African child. I will just wait for God's timing, though.

We were able to play with the toddlers and then help feed the babies. Can I just tell you that
I got spit up on, thrown up on, and a bowl of baby food dropped on me. I would say that it was
a successful morning!

When we got done at the orphanage, Joab took me to eat pizza! It was definitely a nice change
of food! It even tasted like American pizza! YUMMY!

After a long day of being in the ciy, we came back to the house for dinner. Melissa (my lovely
little sister), Mama Joe (my Kenyan mother), Mama Grace (my Kenyan Aunt), Sophia (my
friend- she also walks me to the centre every morning), and Joab (my brother and best friend)
all ate supper with me! Afterwards, they surprised me with a cake and sang Happy Birthday

Kenyan traditions for birthdays are very different. After singing to me, Mama Joe gave
me a knife and let me cut the cake. I then had to get a piece of cake and cut it in many pieces.
I took one bite and then fed each person in the room one bite. It was so neat. I felt united with my
family! Also, no one can have a piece of cake unless I say so!! HAHA..

Ha! My cake was pink :) :) :)

As I was thinking about this coming year as a nineteen year old... all I could think about was
what else I could do for God. How else can I bring glory to His name? As I was reading my Bible
for the night, I came across Psalm 19:4 which says, "May the words of my mouth and the
meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, O Lord, My Rock, and My Redeemer." I am
making this my prayer for the next year. May everything I do be pleasing to my Lord! I am
praying that this next year be even better than the last! I am thankful for life, and I pray that
God would use me in such BIG ways to better His Kingdom!

So... the next thing I want to tell you about is this picture below....

If you know me, you know that I LOVE CHICKEN!! Any kind
really... I could eat it every single day for 3 meals a day. Well,
I had never seen a chicken die so it didn't hurt my feelings to eat
it, but now I have seen the light! I have seen a poor innocent
chicken be happy and alive for one minute and then get caught
and have its head sawed off. This chicken was my neighbor's pet,
but not for long!!! Hmmm.... it was really sad :( I even teared up!
I feel like this whole trip so far has been a lot about chickens.
Today, I picked up a little chick because remember I said that
no animal is scared of a human here. Not even a muzungu
(white person) Hahaha. So I picked this little chick up and all
I could think about was the hen I saw yesterday that got its head
taken off. I don't think seeing this is enough to make me not eat
chicken again, but it will make me think twice about eating it!

For the past two days (Monday and Tuesday) I have gone to the youth centre to teach.
Monday I was with grade 4 and today I was with grade 1. I LOVE IT!! Monday I got to teach
English and Spelling. It was wonderful. Maybe one day I will end up living here and teaching
at the youth centre! Today in the 1st grade I read them some Bible Stories, played a million
games, and sang many songs! I also sat in on a Swahili class. Since I am not advanced in this
language, I have been invited to sit in everyday with grade 1 so that I can learn the language.
can already say many sentences and many common phrases. The kids love it when I try to
speak Swahili, and they LOVE teaching me new words to say! At the end of both days, Saul (my
best friend at school) and I filled water balloons for both classes. First we had a water balloon toss
which they loved. Then, we filled some extra balloons and threw them at the kids! It was a surprise
attack! Today, Saul threw balloons at the teachers! The kids and teachers both loved it! Miss Kim,
I think they were a hit!!!!

Don't these kids just make you happy?? I get so excited to tell the children tuo nane kesho (see
you tomorrow) at the end of everyday! They have truly stolen my heart!

Well, I LOVE YOU ALL!! I hope that I have not tired you with this long blog, but you know me...
sometimes I just have quite a lot to say! Kwaheri (Goodbye) :)

Ree –   – (June 8, 2010 at 11:35 AM)  

i love you so much puff!
i hope you got the email i sent the other day.. i wasnt sure which email to send it to so i sent it to the tfc one.. but now my comment box is working! yay!
oh i have so much to tell you! so many exciting things are happening here!
power camp starts tomorrow and i am so so excited. i wish you could be there with us but i am glad you and your heart have been reunited! it is so wonderful to see you in these pictures as the whole chloe.. i know you love being with us.. but when you are here it is like half of you is still in africa. so i am so glad you are where you love! it makes me so happy.
there is so much stuff happening with joseph's church right now. those that remain are the ones who really want to do stuff for God. it is amazing to see how He's moving. the youth are really bonding and everyone else too. it is so cool to watch.. the youth just got back from camp and two guys that are in college have decided to instead of doing their own thing to answer God's call on their lives. they are two beautiful people. God is really really changing them. they are so different now.. it isnt one of those "be fired up for a week after camp" things. this is REAL. it is so awesome!! me and joseph are getting to do so much stuff with all of them.
i am glad my job didnt work out! i would not trade this stuff for anything! if i was at that dumb job i would not be able to be in all of this stuff.
i am so glad that you are having a good time. i miss you so so so much. probably, when i see you.. i am going to hug you for like 12931902810 minutes. you should probably start preparing yourself for a rhianna tackle hug. i love you best friend. praying for you. <3

my5cubs  – (June 8, 2010 at 4:28 PM)  

Hey Chloe - I figure if you can call me mommy, which I have not heard since you were about 4, then I can call you by your real name! It is so good to hear from you again - it's a little strange for me to talk to Pastor Wambua & Emma & Joab, but not CoCo - - but I know you're busy & I also know you are being taken care of.

Sounds like you had a great birthday. I'm so glad you got cake & a pink one at that - God really is everywhere!!!! It makes me feel so much better to know that you are being so well taken care of, don't get too spoiled on me - know you are not used to such wonderful attention!!! Tell Mama Joe I love her for being so sweet to you. I prayed that Pastor Wambua had safe travels back home & I know all of his family including you will be glad to see him.

I was so excited to hear that you got pizza & Joab wrote me the sweetest note about you. I so hope to meet all of your Kenyan family and friends one day.

I also was super excited when I read on your blog Psalm 19:14. That was the first verse in my last Bible Study by Jennifer Rothschild. That was my 'thought closet' Bible Study and I learned so much about what that verse means. Just always remember it doesn't have to be well with your circumstances to be well with your soul. If you get a chance, you can hear her sing this song @ It is beautiful.

Gracie, Jacob, Taylor & Heath are gone to play ultimate frisbee. They came today to go swimming & I kept Kenzie, so I'm a little tired. Daddy is doing well in TN, said his drywall crew was great. He's got Mrs. Susan Heard Powell, Paul Coogle & Lauren Watson on his crew from our church.

Keep doing good work for our Lord. You are making a difference, I just know it. Gracie & I started the Radical Bible Study Sunday - really excited about that. Almost both sides of The Station chairs were filled and they are also having a class on Wednesdays too.

I pray you are a sleeping beauty right now, getting good rest. We love you very much & are praying w/o ceasing. I'll write more in the morning when I'm fresh! LU4ever2m&b

marilynn –   – (June 8, 2010 at 6:22 PM)  

Habari Chloe. I've really enjoyed reading your updates. I know exactly how you feel about visiting the orphanage and wanting to bring one of those precious babies home with you. I think we all wanted to do that last year! I trust that Pst Wambua got home ok. Please greet him and his family for me. I'm so proud of the work that you're doing in Korogocho and know that you're making an eternal difference in the lives of those children. Mungu akubariki.

Don  – (June 9, 2010 at 4:16 PM)  

Wow what an exciting time you are having. Seen and done alot already.

Our mission in Nashville is so different from the other World Changers trips, it must be because you are not here. I sure miss you but I know God is directing you where he feels you can serve best. I know I say all the time how proud I am of you and haha I am very proud.

Wish I was there with you. Give everyone my best and tell them thank you for the nice birthday party they gave you.

I love you Daddy

Anonymous –   – (June 9, 2010 at 7:31 PM)  

So your dad & I were sitting there reading your blog on the same computer at the same time and I'm trying to keep all hints of man tears from my eyes... couldn't have Big Don see the soft side, you know :). I really feel like I'm almost there with you as I read it. I can smell the smells, hear the sounds, see the sights... it's really kinda strange, but a cool strange. Anyway, it's pretty cool seeing your dad brag on you to everyone up here... of course i may be slightly guilty of that too.
Miss ya', girl. Keep pressing on! Daniel 11:32
- Daryl

my5cubs  – (June 10, 2010 at 3:19 AM)  

Good Morning Coco (6amEST)Can you believe God let me sleep til 5:15am, He knew I needed a good night's rest - had GF for a bed partner this week, so, well you know!

I surely do miss you, that voice, really miss talking to you in person. I'm trusting that you have used it wisely & spoken God's truth and love to everyone you meet. That's why you're there and I'm holding on here because I know you're doing God's will. I'm praying that we all would do His will every single day no matter where we are. I'm thinking more & more this world would be a better & different place if we all put God first in every single area of our lives.

It's been a busy week here already and I miss Daddy too, but super glad he went to World Changers. We had a good nite @ The Pump last nite although Johnathan asked me to leave when he was trying to make announcements - think I was talking lol! Blake Rogers preached & he did a good job, it warms my heart to see you young people really following God's call on your life. He spoke on Genesis 22 & how Abraham was willing to give up his son for God. God is so amazing, He knows and you know that surrendering everything for Him is foremost in my mind lately (mama tears).

Gotta get my day going, getting Graciefacie off this morning to her YAL retreat - she's a little apprehensive about going, but I know she'll have a good time & it'll be good for her.

Hope you having a Teriffic, Topnotch, Thirst-quenching, Testifying Thursday! LU4ever2m&b

Anonymous –   – (June 10, 2010 at 1:48 PM)  

Hey Chloe, I have your bookmark in a "Karen Kingsbury" book that I am reading and the exact same versus that is on the bookmark was written in the book! I had to stop and pray for you again. You are following God's will and I pray you will draw near to Him and He will draw near to ya lots. Mexican when you return.........
Love ya,
cindy white

my5cubs  – (June 11, 2010 at 11:18 AM)  

Hey Chloe, I'm writing late today (1:47pmEST) my brain just wouldn't get in gear early this am - still woke up at 4:15, but did chores & talked to God, He's so amazing, He doesn't care if my brain is all rattled!

It was sooooo good to actually hear your voice yesterday, even though you are so far away, it sounded like you were in the next room! I've got to write Pastor Wambua a note on his facebook page to thank him for letting you call me.

Everyone here is doing good, just talked to Mr. Billy, and he's been busy with FCA Camp this week & it's been very hot, (think heat index today is 100) so he was just getting home and gonna rest some. Mrs. Billy I see wrote you above about going to Mexican, and she's been sick, but doing better, went back to work today -no matter how sick ya'll get, you still wanta eat Mexican!!!

Joab wrote me a sermon lol - did he tell you, told him I was gonna print it out and keep in my Bible & I asked him how old he was really - very wise for someone so young. I know you probably already know, but I've talked with Pastor Wambua's secretary and also your teacher, Maureen - gotta build up my spy network!!!! They all write such sweet things about you and love you very much. I'm praying that Daddy & I get to meet them one day.

I went to Mammaw & Granddaddy's yesterday - he said he wrote Grandpa Rogers just to throw you off a little! You know your granddaddy, he's a crazy coot - wonder where we get it from??? Sent Alex a text this am, but haven't talked to her since first of week - she'll be here Father's Day on June 20, so will look forward to seeing my UGA daughter then. We'll miss you, but know you are here with us in spirit, just like we're there with you.

Talked with Laneypoo this am & they were on their way to library and then to a playdate. Haven't talked to Erin, but Daddy did - they are rethinking their moving plans and Josh is interviewing today and Monday for positions in Gwinnett County - just keep them in your prayers. Graham & DeeDee are doing good, kept Kenziepoo Tuesday & Wednesday, she's growing so fast, she slept on Daddy's side of bed and we took naps both days together. I love keeping her a couple of days, but really makes me lonesome for the other 4 grands too!

I pray you have had a Frisky, Fabulous & Fellowshipping Friday - ok I'll stop with the illiteration! Always praying & always missing you, but LU4ever2m&b


my5cubs  – (June 11, 2010 at 11:23 AM)  

Hey CoCo - the 'Go' was from Binx - she loves to walk across the computer while I'm typing & I did not see until after posting.

Next time you go to Africa, we'll send a few kittycats as gifts~~~~~~!!!!!!!!

Have a great weekend, LU4ever2m&b

Anonymous –   – (June 11, 2010 at 2:56 PM)  

I don't know you but I was in Kenya with Joab last summer and found your blog through his Facebook. I just want you to know that I'm praying for you, and would love to do EXACTLY what you're doing right now!!! Stay strong and bring the good news and love of Jesus! You're so lucky to have Joab, he is so great! Praying for you from the midwest!

Praying for Christ to reveal Himself in new, fun, adventurous, protective and amazing ways to you!!

Love in Him,

my5cubs  – (June 12, 2010 at 6:09 AM)  

Hey Coco - just wanted to write you really quickly before I get going this Saturday morning. GF & I have to cut grass & I have to weed the garden - I've already gotten cucumbers & peppers & have tomatoes on the vine! Hopefully, squash will be coming soon - they probably would have done better, if I'd gotten all that grass outta there sooner, but I'm learning & excited about my little garden.

I've already fertilized and watered this morning, all the flowers I planted are doing pretty well too and they make me smile everyday when I walk past them.

Daddy & all World Changers will be home this afternoon - I've missed him this week. Wanted to give you web address & you can see pictures of daddy & his crew and also Daryl and his & other FBC members

Daddy said it's been a different World Changers, think he missed you being with him this trip - maybe next year, we can all go together.

That Joab is a prayer warrior for you huh, noticed on his facebook page that he asked for prayer for you. I've really enjoyed getting to know him a little on facebook.

I've been reading my Radical book - just first chapter for this week, really makes you think hard about what's really important for us to do for Christ. Has really made me do some serious thinking & I'm excited to talk to Daddy about it.

Praying you have had a great week & that you enjoy your weekend - give everyone my love & hugs - tty2morrow - LU4ever2m&b

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